Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Other Recommended Blog

I instantly became interested in CakeJournal the second I discovered the blog. Not only is the blog filled with holiday treat ideas, but there are also tutorials, recipes, cakes, cupcakes, resources, etc. This blog has it all! I hope to improve my blog to someday have many things people could use to their convenience. My personal favorite thing I want to try from the blog is the Santa Cupcake Topper and the Holiday Gift Box Cookies. They are adorable and very simple to make. I like blogs like these because it educates people on how easy baking can be, because most people are scared to try because of the thought of it being hard and not turning out good. On each recipe it gives, there are step by step instructions, even pictures to help you out too. Not only that, but there are also a whole bunch of tutorials, almost anything you could possibly think of that would help you make anything you wanted to create. To make it even easier for bakers, the blog includes shopping lists and ingredients, grocery deals, and even meal planners to help you out. I am excited that there are such helpful blogs out there to get people to enjoy baking as much as I do, and to give it a shot in their lives. Because again, baking is so much more than what people think it is. It is blogs like ours that let people know that, or even give already bakers new ideas. I know that when I see different baking blogs, I always learn something new and think of different ways that I can improve my blog so that when someone stumbles across it, they can take something from it and try something new and out of their comfort zone. I greatly recommend this blog to anyone, whether you are an experienced baker, or someone who wants to try out baking and find a new passion :)


  1. This CakeJournal blog sounds like a great place to go because I need some inspiration for my holiday baking!

  2. Thank you for sharing all your recipe as well as the other blog. I love cooking and I'm very happy that, thanks to you, I can find American specialties that are easy to make!