Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Passion For Baking

I distinctly remember when I was younger baking with my grandma. She taught me the simple skill of making cupcakes, and frosting them together. Ever since then, I have had a huge passion for baking. In my eyes, it is not just for baking something yummy to eat. It is much more than that, it makes a bond with loved ones and makes good memories. I know I will always hold onto the memories I had with my grandma baking things, and I know when I have children or grandchildren, I am going to teach them how to bake also. I think it is an important childhood memory to experience. Today, me and my mother make things together. Whether it be brownies, gooey pumpkin bars, lemon bars, or cake. These memories, I am also going to hold onto. Everyone loves a good treat, and making them together, or for someone else, makes it that much better. I also love baking because it is your very own creation, something to be proud of if it turns out right. Decorating the finished product is one of my favorite parts too. Once the dessert is done, you get to decorate it how you want, or add whatever you want, to leave your own mark. Baking is so much more than what people think it is. They just need to experience it to find out, and to find their passion for it. Another blog that shares the same thought about baking as me, is http://blog.theconnectionweshare.com/vancouver-things-to-do/photos-of-children-baking/. She has a lot of ideas on how it connects with her and her daughter, and other recipes you can try as well.

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